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How to Maintain Your Home Squeaky Clean at All Times

Who looks forward to cleaning their house? Unless your name is Alice, and you work for a family named Brady, probably not many of you. Unfortunately, as much as we dread dusting, vacuuming, and mopping the floors, the most time-consuming part of cleaning actually comes before the “real” work.


You can’t mop the floor until you can find it. You can’t dust the table until you clear off the mail and other accumulations from throughout the week. You can’t do the dishes until you put away the clean ones and clear off the counters. Often, the work before the work is so overwhelming the job just gets postponed until the point where you either call a professional housecleaner or the health department. Take your pick. The good news is with a bit of planning and as little as five minutes each day, almost anyone can keep up on the tiny things that build throughout the week so that when cleaning day does come, you can breeze through the job quicker and without as much drudge work beforehand. Don’t have time you say? Five minutes is all it takes. Just five minutes. Set your alarm five minutes earlier. Read your horoscope … Read More