Trying hard to hang something heavy on the wall? When you think about hanging heavy times on a wall, you need to aim driving screws into studs. These studs do have the potential to hold a lot more weight than drywall. So finding a stud and using it for hanging items is the best technique which provides extremely safe and secure hold. On many occasions it has been found, locating these elusive wall studs is a pretty challenging task. People do make use of the best stud finder but still there is a need to apply certain tips or basic knowledge of finding a stud. Just applying a good stud finder tool will not serve the cause. Definitely, these tools are pretty effective and will flash or beep whenever they are located near a stud. Sometimes, the application of wall anchors will allow you to bypass the difficult exercise of hunting studs.


Now, if you don’t own a stud finder, here’s are the few vital tips which will make the job lot easier and sky wall studs are located without spending any money.

  1. Search for clues where you will find hidden drywall fasteners. If you are able to find slightly raised nailheads, studs will lie directly behind these fasteners. Pressing of the drywall can also give you a good idea about stud location. If wall gives and moves a few inches there is no stud. On pressing when wall doesn’t give at all, you have surely located a stud.
  2. The second approach is to tap the drywall and carefully listen for alterations in tone. If you hear the hollow sound there is no stud but a solid sound signifies you have found a stud or close to one.
  3. Studs are mostly located next to the electrical outlets and light switches. Mostly these outlets and switches are fastened to studs. Just remove the outlet and check inside the fixture. There is every possibility of locating a wooden vertical beam. If you found one, draw a straight line from the fixture to the desired mount height. Generally, studs run from floor to ceiling.
  4. Once you are able to find one stud, you can easily locate the rest. For interior walls, the standard spacing between studs is 16 to 24 inches.
  5. Some individuals do try to apply flashlight for locating studs. It is a less reliable option so try to apply other effective ways before using a flashlight. With a flashlight, you will look for small dimples or bows where screws were fastened in the drywall. Any dimples or bows will indicate the location of the stud.

While making use of the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you might create several holes in the walls. These holes need to be patched up later with a drop of paint. For individuals who are not interested in making efforts or applying these tips, better is to use the best stud finder for locating studs. A quality tool is extremely reliable and nearly generates exact outcomes on each occasion.

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